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Tent - Navi Hip End Interior Snapshot (2)
Tent - Navi Hip End Interior Snapshot (1)
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- The NaviTrac Tent is a hybrid tent that is similar to both a Frame Tent and a Clearspan Tent 
- Has the look of a Frame Tent but utilizes kedar channels similar to the Clearspan Tent 
- Kedar channels allow the tops and sides to be tensioned which allows for less movement or “flapping” 
- Has 8’ side legs rather than 7’ side legs of a Frame Tent
- Ideal for both short term and long term installations
- Weather tight seals offer maximum strength and provide an ideal area for climate control and inclement weather
- Has no center poles so it allows for maximum use of interior space 
- Can be installed either on a hard or a soft surface and be secured either by using stakes or concrete weights
- Comes standard with white tops. Clear tops are available at an additional cost
- Sidewall is available in white, clear or cathedral
- Available Widths: 40’ wide
- Expandable in 10’ length increments
- Common Optional Accessories Include: Flooring, Doors, HVAC, Draping, Ceiling Liner, Chandeliers, Lighting, Custom Graphics / Logos
- Prices include securing the tent with stakes. Weights are available at an additional cost
- Prices INCLUDE labor for set up and tear down but do not include delivery (based on date/time and location) or Sidewall

*If the size tent you are looking for is not listed below, please contact an Event Specialist as not all sizes are listed here.*

Product Name Rental Price Quantity Total price
40x20 White
40x30 White
40x40 White
40x40 Clear
40x50 White
40x60 White
40x60 Clear
40x70 White
40x80 White
40x80 Clear
40x90 White
40x100 White
40x110 White
40x120 White
40x130 White
40x140 White
40x150 White