Cafe Lights

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Cafe Lighting Snapshot (1)
Depot Winter Garden Cafe Lights2
Backdrop - Cafe Lights6
Cafe Lurcat Globe Lights3
Depot Winter Garden Lts1
Riley Jacques Barn2
Globe Light @ Woodhill CC Barn
Globe Light Centerpiece @ Gutherie2
jeune lune photo
Maiden Rock2C2A2749
McNamara Night
Photo by Laura Ivanova (24)
Cafe Lighting Snapshot (2)
Riley Jacques Barn
Riley Jacques Barn3
Wedding Decor (12) at Depot Winter Garden Room
Cafe Lighting Snapshot (4)
Backdrop - Cafe Lights4
white clearspan6
cafe lights at villa bellazza
Globe Lights with Paper Lanterns2

- Cafe lights are made up of G50 bulbs on a white strand
- Please call your event specialist for pricing - depends on size of space, labor, dates/times of installation and teardown