Charlie Feldbaum

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Charlie was born and raised in Philadelphia, graduated from LaSalle University there and became a stockbroker for two years before moving to the Midwest and spending 13 years in the residential real estate business.  He moved to Minneapolis over 30 years ago to fulfill a desire to own his own company.  He founded Après in 1987.  He brings an eye for detail, a desire for perfection and has the leadership to have brought Après to the forefront of excellence in upscale rentals and events.  Charlie is found in the office on a daily basis-- and if not, he is sure to be sending sarcastic emails, silly texts, and weekly memos that keep his employees informed and amusingly annoyed! Après is a family-owned, family run business and prides itself in having many employees who are related to each other. The Après team is the reason for our continued success…we thank all our loyal customers for their loyalty.