Going Greener

Après is dedicated to working towards more eco-friendly practices.  Fortunately, the basic nature of a rental business is one that emphasizes re-use of product.

However, some additional Après going greener steps include:

The Après office prints multiple copies of contracts for inter-office use. Up until now, they were printed on blue multi-hued paper. That is, until a Green Genius pointed out that printing these on plain white paper would not only reduce costs, but also be friendlier to the environment. Why? The less dye in paper, the less bleach it requires to be recycled. In addition, we have made the switch to collated paper - which means if you have a hard copy of one of our contracts in hand, be sure to look at both sides! However, we always encourage our customers to request a digital copy of their contract be sent via email.
  • Changing to office paper that is composed of 30% recycled material
  • Our office is now set to black and white as standard (less ink = less toxins) and prints invoices as a two-sided copy
  • Adding plastic and glass bottles to our recycling program (which already includes paper and aluminum)
  • Re-developing our invoice/order software to reduce unnecessary reprints and unneeded pages
  • Installation of an in-house laundry, thereby reducing transportation fuel costs, metal hanger usage, and plastic bag waste
  • Re-using bubble wrap, packing popcorn, and plastic bags to protect breakable items
  • NEW FOR 2012 - LIGHTING!!  Après is embarking on a major lighting change.  We have  partnered with Noble Conversation/CEE, to convert from T12 fluorescent lighting to the more efficient and eco-friendly T8. Following a free lighting assessment by Noble, Après made the decision to replace all the lighting in the offices and warehouse, resulting in a 50% savings on power bills.  Although the initial investment is substantial, the savings coupled with Excel Energy's rebate  will allow the project to pay for itself in only 2.7 years.  In addition, sensor motion lighting will be installed in the warehouse, and showroom lighting will also be revamped, allowing for truer color representation.  For more information on receiving a free energy assessment  for your business, contact Noble Conservation at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Eco-Friendly Après items include:


Bamboo grows up to one inch per day, making it a renewable resource


Our charger plates are custom made by Vietnamese workers utilizing their native bamboo


Installing a clear roof on a tent amplifies the power of the sun. Although this is a disadvantage during the hot summer, in the autumn and spring it becomes a solar powered unit, providing a natural heat source for the tent.