Perfect Summer Wedding at Minikahda

With the breathtaking blue sky and the gorgeous green grass as the backdrop to the ceremony this Minikahda Club Wedding was nothing short of stunning. The ceremony set up was so eye catching with the contrast of the stark white draping, stage, and chairs against the vibrant colors of nature. Following the vows guests made their way indoors to the reception. The signature green and white wall paper played so nicely with the neutral tones of ivory and mocha, with hints of pinks and corals in the fliowers.

IMG 213a

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The Big Fake Wedding Recap!

Anyone who is married can tell you the planning process is not all roses and daisies. It’s making a thousand decisions and still having a dozen left to make. It’s skipping your lunch break so you can meet with the florist. It’s inviting your bridesmaid’s dress shopping and half can actually go. But what if you could continue planning but also have an awesome time with your sweetie? Like a date night but it totally counts as wedding planning. A place to gather real inspiration and see it in action! That is what The Big Fake Wedding is! An alternative to your generic wedding show of vendors booths all in a line. It’s a moment to remember why you are doing all this planning, so you can spend the rest of your life with the one person who gets you in every way.

Après Party had the pleasure of being part of The Big Fake Wedding Minneapolis event in June that took place at JX Event Venue, in Stillwater, MN. All great parties have a theme and the theme for this party was “The Golden Age”. Over a dozen vendors took that theme, interpreted it in their own way, and shared their visions on guest tables. Just like any wedding the evening began with the very real and very emotional vow renewal ceremony.

 AliLeighPhotoBigFakeWeddingMinneapolisSt.Paul 159AliLeighPhotoBigFakeWeddingMinneapolisSt.Paul 168

AliLeighPhotoBigFakeWeddingMinneapolisSt.Paul 8AliLeighPhotoBigFakeWeddingMinneapolisSt.Paul 24

Photos By: Ali Leigh Photography

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The Big Fake Wedding is Coming to Minneapolis!


Weddings are full of tiny details and it’s easy to get wrapped in all those tiny details. Which napkin fold will you do? Will you have a wine pour with dinner? Do you want your first dance to be before dinner or after? The Big Fake Wedding serves two purposes for those planning a wedding. First, you can meet awesome local vendors and see what they have right then and there. Second, you get to see a married couple renew their vows, thus reminding you why you are putting yourself through this in the first place. It’s a way to continue planning but also take a break and enjoy yourself with you fiancé.

BFW Imnvite

This year The Big Fake Wedding is being held at JX Event Venue in Stillwater. Over 25 vendors will be participating and ready to perform their respective services as if it was a real wedding. To keep things cohesive a theme is given to the vendors, this years; “The Golden Age”.

So come and join us, on June 30th for music, cake, flowers, and a great night of dancing and inspiration for your wedding! You’ll leave feeling excited for your own wedding for many reasons, but most importantly you’ll  be reminded of what happens after all the tiny details are done and over. If you are interested in attending this great event and want your chance at FREE tickets, give Susan a call at 952-903-4255 (while supplies last)! Hope to see you there!

For more about The Big Fake Wedding, click here.


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Ultimate Backyard Tent Wedding


Build it and they will come. Also invite them and they will come; at least that’s the case for a wedding. This wedding however was a bit of both.  Après Party and Tent Rental pride themselves on the ability to transform a space, even when that space is a green hill. Yes a hill! How does one hold a wedding ceremony and reception on a hill you ask? Then continue to read we will lay it all out for you!

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Gold, Champagne, and Blush Wedding at Aria

Everyone loves a trend, especially a trend that please the eyes as nicely as the colors in this blog post do. Whether you call it ivory or champagne its the perfect color for a wedding. Add to that a punch of glittery gold sequins and a hint of blush and you will have perhaps this years biggest trend in wedding colors. Sara Trotter of Lasting Impressions and the couple in this wedding brought this trend to life adding to it different textures and a warm candle light dinner setting. 

IMG 0812


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Ahhh summer, a time to grill, a time to be outside, a time to relax; also a time to throw a party! That is where we come in, Après Party and Tent Rental. That “and Tent Rental” part really kicks into high gear in the summer months, like really kicks in! 

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Celebrating the MIA's 100 Years

Last June the Minneapolis Institute of Arts or the MIA celebrated 100 years. To mark the occasion two events were planned by Kim Supple the Institutes Special Events Director.  The first event,  an open bar dance party for 1200 followed by a more formal sit down dinner for 750 guests the next night. Après Party and Tent Rental had the honor of providing décor and the tent that would hold the celebrations.   

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White Bear Lake Tent Wedding


Given the opportunity to host your wedding at a private residence that overlooks one of the many gorgeous Minnesota lakes and happens to belong to one of your families, would you say yes? This couple did and never looked back! The bride had always dreamed of getting married at her family home and after seeing the location, I would too! 

IMG 823 640x426

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MN Star Awards 2016

Studio ISES was the place to be last Friday evening. The golden age of going out made a one night return at the Metropolitan Ballroom for local event professionals to come and boogie the night away.  Can you dig it? Each year the International Special Events Society hosts the Star Awards, an awards ceremony for their members and the nominees who submitted to the categories with their award winning event.  The winners are voted on by another ISES chapter, this year Denver’s chapter had the duty of selecting the winners. Après was nominated for two awards, Best ISES Team Effort and Best Support Services- Tent Installation, and took home the award in both categories!

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