Candlelight: The Beauty and the Burn


 We all love the soft glow of real tealights and candles at an event. But there is a dark side to this romantic scene….


The Afterburn. 

As guests depart and the candles are blown out, tiny flecks of ash and wick are scattered across the table.  The result are small burn holes in table linens and napkins.


These holes are unrepairable, and so the client must pay for the damages, and the linens often discarded.

The Solution:   


Candle snuffers supplied to the event/catering staff can save many linen damages.

As another but less reliable option, cup hands when blowing to prevent dispersing ash.


Or, lift the votive and face away from the table when blowing.

Never use matches to light candles for an event, as they produce ash residue as well.  Instead, use a butane lighter.



Consider battery operated candles as a lighting alternative, as they produce no damage or wax.  


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