The Story of a Birthday and Graduation

One weekend, one tent, and two totally different parties! What is one to do when graduation party and birthday land on the same weekend for two people from the same family? Have one Friday and then flip the space for another event on Saturday. As well as hire a team of trustworthy vendors!

Friday night kicked off the weekend of celebrations with the birthday party. The side yard overlooking Lake Minnetonka had a leveled floor and a 40x120’ Navi Trac tent set up in the days leading up to. Inside the tent green turf was laid over the level floor. The ever talented Girl Friday team came in to transform the space with varying sizes of white balloons. The balloons spilled out of the tent to welcome guests. The décor inside was crisp whites and greens. Studio C Floral mixed in green topiaries with luxurious greens and white flowers.

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Behind the tent, over-looking the gorgeous Lake Minntonka, seating areas were created for guests to enjoy the beautiful Minnesota summer weather and catch the sunset.

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Instant Request was on hand to DJ and create magic with their lighting (super important for the grad party)!


A good night’s sleep then back to the tent for party number two, the graduation party. Quick change up of the lights, addition of green and gold balloons (Go Fighting Irish!), new back bar logo, and some sentimental décor and we were ready for the graduate! Those small changes packed a huge punch! This party had quite a few more guests on the invite list so more tables and seating were added to accommodate.




Would you host two big celebrations back to back like this? It’s not so daunting with a team of professionals behind you to take the reins! Plus then you will have more summer weekends for camping and sitting at the lake.


Photos from Birthday Party provided by Graddy Photography. Photos from Graduaton Party by Instant Request.



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