Trends Captured from The Royal Wedding

When  the hype started over The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, I initially wondered what all the fuss was about.  A few years earlier, we saw the wedding of William and Kate, and yet their event did not result  in many stand-out trends that would come to be utilized in American weddings.  However, after seeing the latest royal wedding, I have to admit that I was completely besotted by the couple and many of the details of their celebration, which seemed to have a serious yet joyful air about it.  Here are some trends I am predicting due to this royal affair:

The Return of  the Church Ceremony:  The Sacred Ceremony seems to have diminished over the past few years, as fewer couples are married in places of worship, and by ordained clergy.  Nowadays, the Wedding Officiate can be depended on for a quick and semi-religious blessing in a rented venue.  However, the beauty and joyfulness seen in Meghan and Harry's ceremony marks the return to a longer and more involved religious experience, with serious vows and a longer service inside some of the most beautiful architecture in America-- namely, our places of worship.

kneeling royal wedding

The couple kneeling together at the alter and having their hands bound in the archbishop's stole are small details that bring us back to the significance of one's God in a marriage ceremony.

Family Involvement:  It is no longer just the bride's day. Some of the ideas for the Royal Wedding came from those close to the bride, or  designed to honor family members not present.

bouquet 2

For example, Harry personally chose the blooms in Meghan's bouquet from the palace garden, and Prince Charles suggested  Karen Gibson and the Kingdom Choir as a musical choice.  Meghan honored Princess Diana by wearing her aquamarine ring to the reception.


 This Royal Couple showed  us there are many ways to incorporate family traditions and innovative moments to make a ceremony personal.

A Structured, Simple Silhouette: Kate Middleton may have started the direction of lace re-emerging on bridal gowns, but this trend may have reached its apex.  Perhaps this marks the return of the simple, structured dress-- modest yet modern.

royal wedding veil meghan markle wedding dress image

A note on Meghan's magnificent veil: although inspiring, this type of headpiece requires a long aisle to really be effective.  If a ceremony is lacking in this element, a shorter veil may be more appropriate.

The Solo Walk:  So many weddings become a political turmoil  by the simple question of who will walk the bride down the aisle-- the father? The step-father?  Meghan chose to walk herself down the aisle-- after all, she is an independent, 36 year old woman, previously married. It is time we re-examine this tradition, which is based on giving a bride away for a dowry payment from the groom's family.   Bravo to Meghan for the solo walk, and for making the 180 foot journey seem a bit less narcissist by having Prince Charles escort her the second half.



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