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Trens spotted on the show floor ar the Februray 2018 American Rental Show...

Marble: This ancient stone is everywhere, whether in real or faux forms. End tables, chargers, china, and even fabric is reflecting this movement. 


Marble China

Marble China


marble cake

Marble Cake Stands

marble table

Marble End Table

marble digital print

Marble Digital Print

marble trays

Marble Trays


 The “O” Chair: This seems to be the  shape of things to come:  a version of an oval back  shape is evident from almost every vendor, and it takes on many forms--from a clear acrylic back, to a soft tufted, to a solid suede .

                                                   clear chairGold o chair


Stainless Steel Chair:  Looking ahead, Stainless Steel will emerge as a new fabrication in event chairs.  It offers a modern and luxurious finish, reminiscent of an elegant dining chair that stepped out of a 1930’s movie….

 stainless chari

More vendors  are offering variations of Linenless Tables.  These "Naked Tables" range from white washed wood,  lacquer to a mirror finish. All have detachable legs that make transport easier, although special care would always be mandatory.

 white linenlesswood linenless


Digital Prints:  The larger fabric companies have all invested in fabric digital printing. Any type of pattern can be printed on fabric, including a wood,  stone, and foliage.  Printing onto textured fabrics such as a faux burlap or suede lends an even more authentic look to these prints. Design your own custom fabric, using a high resolution image.  




Primitive Plates:  In this styling, the plates often have a hand-made artisan look.  Perfectly imperfect in shape, the finish is often matte, and the plates lack a rim—the coupe style.  Often done in natural tones of grays, black and ivory, these plates do not require a charger, but look comfortable nestled within wood, metal.

                        prmi charprimi


Coleman Enamelware.  Perhaps the resurgence of glamping has bought back this vintage look, although now it’s done not only in  the traditional blue and red, but also artisan mottled shades of green and brown.

              colamn many   coleman  

coleman w


Dipped Flatware: Offered in a variety of color variations, dipped flatware is a modern and artisan slant on the culinary world. 


 dipped d


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