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There are currently several exciting and unique trends in lighting and décor. They range from extremely complicated light patterns that continually move and change, to the opposite style of using simple organic shape combinations created by light. Plugged in to the middle of these trends are a mix of esthetics:

LED 3D Light Display with Pixel Map Progressions

This concept started in the Euro dance clubs and is now available in America. Imagine lighted tubes hanging overhead at an event. As the event evolves, the tubes begin changing into varying colors and patterns that seemingly pulse and dance to the music. Go here to watch a demonstration.


Projection Mapping

This technology is used to turn objects into a display surface for video projection. These objects may be as large as a building, or as small as Lady Gaga’s face. Watch a quick video on how Projection Mapping is created:  

Modular Wall Panel Lighting

Although fabric is often used to divide a venue into environments, modular walls can be just as effective.  Panels can be purchased pre-fab, or unique pieces can be designed by custom laser cutting.  The ultimate result is a more modern and eye-catching effect than just ordinary fabric. The panels can be easily attached to ceiling grids or metal uprights.

Organic Lighting

Moving away from complex technology is the trend towards organic and natural shapes being transformed into lighting pieces. Woven baskets, gourds, and glass orbs are often grouped together at varying heights, with a natural hue of light bulb inserted.  In addition, incorporating these pieces into an overhead floral arrangement brings the outdoors inside, while creating an intimate feeling.

Residential Lighting at Events

This trend involves bringing elements of residential decor into an event. Drum chandeliers and metal pendants are examples of lighting pieces that lend intimacy and a sense of “home” to a large venue.


By Sheree Bochenek

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