Tented Weddings: Planning Out Your Canopied Big Day

Tented weddings hold appeal for couples planning to tie the knot since it creates a cozy and intimate ambiance while shading guests from the elements. Simply imagining the possibility of exchanging vows on a breezy sea cliff knowing that there is a backup plan in case of a sudden change in weather is, after all, good for your peace of mind.

Achieving the chic party tent look complete with garlands and sparkling lights requires a lot of planning beforehand, though. So, what preparations should you make before walking down the tented aisle?

Determining the Tent Size

First things first: you will need to know how many people are expected to attend the wedding. While you may not have the exact number if you are still in the early planning process, a rough estimate can help you determine how much square footage you will need to cover. Accurately sizing your tent is important since you can plan how to house table and chairs, situate guests comfortably, and leave enough room for a dance floor.

Considering Wedding Tent Extras to Brighten Up the Venue

Before getting a price quote, consider wedding tent extras you might want to include in the package. Unlike standard wedding venues, having a tented wedding gives couples the freedom to create a unique and personal venue where they can tell their story in their own tents. So, experiment with theatrical-styled stage lights, flowers, wood flooring, and sounds to make sure that everyone enjoys the sensory experience of your outdoor wedding.

Finding the Right Tent Company

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you can reach out to rental companies for quotes. An ideal rental company should include delivery fees, setup of the tent and accessories, fire/zoning permits, and an expense breakdown in their proposal. Choose a vendor that responds promptly to phone calls so you are sure you can count on them in case you hit a snag during the event. Additionally, make sure the tent you rent is of wedding-quality this way, it will add to the ambiance and look stunning in photos.

At Après Party and Tent Rental, we care about making your outdoor event a success. For outdoor weddings, we want you to make the most out of the beauty of the natural landscape without having to worry about the weather. We offer various construction tents for rent in Minnesota to bring an air of romance and elegance to your wedding celebration. 

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