Direct From Catersource 2017

I attended Catersource for the first time in four years, and was impressed at how the tradeshow has grown in attendance and exhibitor!  Here are a few of the emerging trends I spotted at the show:

Dipped Flatware

CGS Tablestop

Available in almost every color, dipped flatware is a modern and eye-catching finish.

Organic Shapes and Finishes

No longer is hospitality dishware restricted to the round or square.  These uneven shapes look as if they just emerged from an artisan’s kiln or a woodworker’s shop.    Their finishes are unique and also reflect a hand-made appearance.




RRP Fortessa               


Coated Glassware

jhjhjh 1jhjhjh 2

Stolzle                                                                                                   Oneida

Stolzle named this “Olympic Metallics”.  These are actual glassware, but covered with metallic coated finishes in various color combinations.  Perfect for that special dessert presentation!


Specialty Cake Plates



RRP Fortessa has perfected the art of the curated tablescape.  Here they have designed a new line of 8” cake plates.  This pattern is Casablanca, inspired by the markets of Marrakesh. Their specialty cake plates are not a “set”, but instead only available in the 8” size—designed to amp up the basic white china pattern.


To learn more aobut Catersource, click here!

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  • Guest - aaad

    Great stuff it is. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  • Most catering services are modern, from the utensils, to the decoration. But this gives me a classic vibe.
    Even though I prefer modern dining experience, can't deny that the classic ones is also great.


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