Ahhh summer, a time to grill, a time to be outside, a time to relax; also a time to throw a party! That is where we come in, Après Party and Tent Rental. That “and Tent Rental” part really kicks into high gear in the summer months, like really kicks in! 


Whether it’s a grad party or a wedding we are there to support and protect your dreams. See what we did there? The summer months bring the great Minnesota weather and the not so great weather. Choosing from 8 different styles of tents we are sure to have something to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for protection from a light rain or need some shade from the summer sun, we got you covered.

If all you need is some shade then a lightweight canopy is the perfect tent for you. Not only can you set it up yourself (or Après can) you can choose from several sizes and colors. This tent is easy to transport as well!

Need something a bit more spacious and durable? Then a Frame Tent or High Peak Frame Tent is our recommendation. Coming in a variety of sizes and colors (clear top is an option for frame tents and a personal favorite) this tent allows for maximum use of interior space with no center poles needed. You can also rent sidewalls for these tents to create a more intimate setting. These tents can also have HVAC, flooring, and doors installed (plus much more)! 

If you are looking to host a larger event in a tent, then a Rope & Pole or Century Pole tent could be what you want. While these tents do have center poles there is still space for round tables. These tents must be staked on either a hard or soft surface. Aesthetically the main difference between these two tents is the peak the Century Pole tent has.

We hate to play favorites but when a tent is called the leader in tenting solutions and works as well as our Clearspan Tents it’s hard not to! What can we say about these tents, they are weather proof; you can have glass walls and doors, and it has no center poles. The walls of this tent are 10’ tall which makes for a roomy feeling. The Clearspan Tent along with our Anchor Span Tent is perfect for weddings and other special events! The main difference between these two tents is the roof beam; straight in the Clearspan and curved in the Anchor Span. These tents are ideal for long term installations. Both tents have the option for clear- top and sides, allowing for extra light or a view under the stars. Which do you prefer?

The final choice in our family of tents is a hybrid between a Frame and Clearspan Tent, the NaviTrac Tent. The legs of the tent are 8’ rather than the 7’ you would find on a Frame Tent. NaviTrac Tents are clear of center poles, weather tight, and strong. 




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