The Big Fake Wedding is Coming to Minneapolis!


Weddings are full of tiny details and it’s easy to get wrapped in all those tiny details. Which napkin fold will you do? Will you have a wine pour with dinner? Do you want your first dance to be before dinner or after? The Big Fake Wedding serves two purposes for those planning a wedding. First, you can meet awesome local vendors and see what they have right then and there. Second, you get to see a married couple renew their vows, thus reminding you why you are putting yourself through this in the first place. It’s a way to continue planning but also take a break and enjoy yourself with you fiancé.

BFW Imnvite

This year The Big Fake Wedding is being held at JX Event Venue in Stillwater. Over 25 vendors will be participating and ready to perform their respective services as if it was a real wedding. To keep things cohesive a theme is given to the vendors, this years; “The Golden Age”.

So come and join us, on June 30th for music, cake, flowers, and a great night of dancing and inspiration for your wedding! You’ll leave feeling excited for your own wedding for many reasons, but most importantly you’ll  be reminded of what happens after all the tiny details are done and over. If you are interested in attending this great event and want your chance at FREE tickets, give Susan a call at 952-903-4255 (while supplies last)! Hope to see you there!

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