Getting Married During a Global Pandemic

That is a title I never thought I would type.  Many couples are facing a challenge in their wedding planning that none of the articles or planners could have warned you about. A global pandemic. This is causing couples to get creative and get serious; either continue planning a wedding—albeit a different one than you may have imagined—or hold off until 2021 or later. We are sharing a couple that chose to go smaller now and host a larger celebration later.

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The Story of a Birthday and Graduation

One weekend, one tent, and two totally different parties! What is one to do when graduation party and birthday land on the same weekend for two people from the same family? Have one Friday and then flip the space for another event on Saturday. As well as hire a team of trustworthy vendors!

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Trends Captured from The Royal Wedding

When  the hype started over The Royal Wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, I initially wondered what all the fuss was about.  A few years earlier, we saw the wedding of William and Kate, and yet their event did not result  in many stand-out trends that would come to be utilized in American weddings.  However, after seeing the latest royal wedding, I have to admit that I was completely besotted by the couple and many of the details of their celebration, which seemed to have a serious yet joyful air about it.  Here are some trends I am predicting due to this royal affair:

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Planning a Non-Traditional Wedding

This one is for the couple who is looking for something a little different than the average cookie cutter wedding. You might not think it, but planning a non-traditional wedding requires just as much thought and attention to detail as a typical church wedding. If you’re looking for different ways to put a unique twist on your wedding day, keep reading for some ideas and inspiration!

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