Victor Gutierrez

CVictorGutierrez 2

Victor was born in Mexico, but raised mostly in Minnesota, with some time in California. He is the second youngest in the Gutierrez family, followed by his youngest sister who also happens to work with us here at Apres.  He has worked at Apres for the past ten years, transitioning from one department to the other, beginning at our former "flagship facility" (which he was originally hired to work for, by recommendation of his dad, who previously worked at Après), later transitioning to our Dishroom department, and finally landing a more permanent position here with our Linen Department, which he leads as of July of this year.  Family is very important to him and means the world to him.  With that being said, when he is not working, he's spending most of his free time with his family.  He enjoys an occasional drink, bbqs and bonfires in the summer, quiet-cozy gatherings with the family in the winter. His favorite season of the year is winter, as he prefers to cover up in layers and become warm rather than being hot and sweaty over any day. Victor's Favorite Motto: “Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional”- Walt Disney